Monday, January 9, 2012

Blood Mage

This was part of a set of badass women who are involved somehow with a dead body (or 2).  She came out particularly well which is why I'm sharing her here.  This one in particular is a blood mage, she can manipulate blood and is only limited in what she can do by her imagination.  As part of the process to obtain such magic she has inscribed herself with the white tattoo markings on her dark skin.  Her eyes also lost their irises, matching the tattoos, but they did not loose their sight.  Golden wavy hair perpetually floats due to the output of magical energy from her body.

I decided to draw all of them with mechanical pencil, though the blood was largely shaded with a woodless 4b to keep myself from going insane.  Shadows were all done with cross-hatching, and I did my best to pay attention to representing different textures from the thick fabric to the sheer fabric, from her skin to her hair to the leather straps.  It was an interesting challenge that took forever to complete but I'm glad I did it.


Some concepts for a post-apocalyptic story I'm working on.  Due to pollution humanity has adapted in different ways.  One was to live in glass bubble-cities where large amounts of plants can create breathable air.  Another was to live in airships above the layers of pollution.  For this scenario, an airship has discovered the existence of the bubble cities and is descending to raid it for resources.

In all honesty though, I really just wanted an excuse to try painting a bunch of different things.  One was texture.  I had rather failed in that department in my last painting and wanted to redeem myself.  The clouds gave me the perfect opportunity, and I'm rather happy with the variety in the sky too.  I also wanted to paint something glowing.  That's where the ships lights came in.  The dome glows too to some extent, though that was purely for compositional purposes.  I ended up adding reflections to the dome because oh man, it looked like a planet for the longest time.

This took me about a month on and off around other schoolwork.  It's done in acrylic on illustration board.


A painting I did for class.  It's acrylic on illustration board.  The idea is that the guy at the bottom of the painting is on the roof of a tall building at night, listening to the man talk to the cat on the porch of the smaller building below.  Their shadows, cast by the light from inside, stretch out along the ground.

I worked on this on and off for about a month.  I'm rather fond of the strange, bird's eye perspective and how I improved with the working of paint and light.  Still have a lot of improving to do though, that's what it means to be an artist after all!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reio 3D Model

This is an original character from a story I've been working on, Reio Hearnth.  You may recognize this design from a previous post found here:

I did branch and box modeling in Maya to make this 3D model.  It's low-poly...about 7,000 triangles.  There are two 1024 color for the hair and one for the rest of the model.  There is also a transparency map on the hair and a normal map on the body.  The normal map was laid out in Zbrush and fixed up in Photoshop.  All of the coloring for the textures was done in Photoshop CS5.  Renders were done in Maya using Mental Ray.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lounging Kaien

I did this as a thank you gift for a friend since she made me the most awesome gift of awesome ever.  Now that it's all shiny I'm sharing it with all of you fine people.

Oh here's the description I worked off of:
The rain drew him in.  Curled up like a cat on the windowstill, he watched the rain in a trance.  His figure was silhouetted within the window's frame, the soft cotton yukata hanging loosely about his muscled shoulders, his down comforter coiled about him like some makeshift nest as he sat.  He had his lower back propped against the still, one knee up so he chould rest his tattooed forearm against it.  Kaien's fingers lazily gripping to the teacup as it steamed with a light scent from it's curved lip.

And yes this is Shiba Kaien from Bleach.  Not my character, not the author's character.  =P  I also got to learn some new shiny drawing tips while making this so yay level-up!

Rain droplets on window:
Scenery through window:
Wall texture:
Wood texture:
Smoke Brush:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Future Star

Digital portrait I did of a very good friend.  She does modeling and belly-dancing and is working towards becoming a professional mermaid, which I think is totally awesome.  If you like what you see here, you can contact her at

Some process information:
Program:  Photoshop CS5
Time:  12-20 hours ? (I really need to start actually timing myself)
Layers:  6
Brushes: 3 custom brushes

Thursday, March 31, 2011


The concept of good and evil personified.  Their expressions show how dependent they are on each other, their wings at the top reflecting this.  Good is defined by her shadows, and Evil is defined by his highlights to show that even individually they are not completely independent of the other.  Original drawing pencil on paper.  Completely re-done digitally.

Tree-dwelling Humanoid

A tree-dwelling humanoid.  Based off the idea of humans evolving in order to comfortably live in a very nature-rich environment.  Pencil drawing with shades applied digitally.

They have evolved opposable toes and prehensile tails.  Due to spending so much time below the canopy (and layer of poluted smog above the protective bubble enclosing them) they tend to have pale skin and dark hair...though hair color can vary.

Spider of Fate

Same setting as above.  The deity Fate.  A spider/humanoid who manages the threads of fate for the best possible long-term outcome.  Pencil drawings with digital shading.

Low-fantasy Uniforms

 These are uniform designs for a combat-based militaristic organization in a low-fantasy setting.  The purpose was to make a uniform which was customizable to suit different fighting styles and not hamper combat strength.  Pencil drawing with colors applied digitally.


Pencil render of steam-powered submarine.


Spirited Away

*Oil painting on canvas.
*Canvas is 30”X40” and was hand-stretched and gesso was applied before painting.
*Composition worked out in pencil and was re-applied with India-ink so the pencil could be erased and the lead not interfere with the paint.
*Color wash applied and then paint removed from where the figures were with a turpentine-soaked rag.
*Characters painted, than outline re-applied.

The idea was to try to sum up the entire movie "Spirited Away" by Hayao Miyazaki with one painting.  The gradient in the background was meant to represent her journey throughout the story and the growth as a person she experienced as she hurled through it.  Haku, the dragon, spans the painting to represent is role as guide for her.  The clothes she's holding are meant to represent how she'll carry the experience with her from now on.


Medium:  Plasteline Clay
Time:  On and off over the course of a few months

Fun facts:
*This is Wyk, a character of mine that I had done in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  He is a Bariaur...which is similar to a centaur but goat instead of horse.  He is no supposed to be bald...I'm working on it.
*The inside is styrofoam with pvc piping and armature wire for structure, keeps it light(er).
*The eyes are doll-eyes purchased from D&J Hobby.  They were just the right shade of blue.
*The teeth were modeled after my own teeth.  I had made a press-mold out of wax, then pressed in model-magic and re-defined some details before letting it dry.
*The horns alone I spent over 48 hours STRAIGHT on to get them to the point you see them at.  Still not completely satisfied, so may go back and work on them even more.

Elephant Self-Portrait

Medium:  Plasteline Clay
Time:  On and off over the course of several weeks

This is myself fused with an elephant.  Here are some fun facts:
*The inside is styrofoam with pvc piping and armature wire for structure, keeps it light(er).  The ears also have wire mesh inside them.
*The eyes are glass taxidermy eyes.  It is VERY HARD to find human-type glass taxidermy eyes.  But they matched my eye-color BEAUTIFULLY so it was totally worth the hard search, more expensive price, and hour drive to get them.
*The teeth (which you totally can't see well in these photos...SORRY!) were modeled after my own teeth.  I had made a press-mold out of wax, then pressed in model-magic and re-defined some details before letting it dry.
*An elephant's nose starts above their when I did my fusion I had the ears placed as an elephant's skull would have them, the trunk came off of my own nasal cavity with the tusks in a similar position in relation to the trunk.  The upper part of the skull, above my orbital sockets, is modeled after an elephant's skull while the mandible and cheekbones are mine.

Figure Drawings

These are figure drawings from live models.  Poses range from 5-10 minutes for the top sheet.  The bottom sheet is a 40 minute pose.

Medium used for the top was a 9B wood-less pencil.
Medium used for the bottom was  a 9B wood-less pencil for the lines, black conte crayon for the shades.

Suburb Street

This is part of a world design.  Golems and circuits were strong themes I tried to keep in mind.  This is a street in the suburbs, the main city visible over the roofs of the short houses.  Line-work was done by hand with shades applied digitally.

Another location in the same world:

Back Alley

This is part of a world design.  Golems and circuits were strong themes I tried to keep in mind.  This is a back alley located near a research facility.  Line-work was done by hand with shades applied digitally.

Another location in the same world:

Catmen Natives

These are Catmen tribe designs.  They are tree-dwellers with opposable toes and prehensile tails.  From left to right they are a Dancer/Shaman, a Tribe Leader, and a Hunter.  Drawn from scratch with references nearby.

Dancers:  The Dancers are entertainers, storytellers, and spiritual leaders within the tribe.  It takes a great amount of both skill and knowledge to become a Dancer.  This profession is open to both males and females, and it is not uncommon to see them working in pairs.

Leaders:  The tribes are matriarchal, and so the position of tribe leader is only available to females.  When a female becomes a leader, her dread-locked hair is cut off and allowed to grow in naturally.  A leader can always be identified by her hair, even if she were to try and disguise herself.  This also means that you can tell how long a leader has been in control of her tribe by the length of her hair, and in meetings between leaders the length of ones hair can equal the prestige they carry.  The position of leader is one for life, and when the previous leader dies, their successor is chosen among the women Dancers with consent from the tribe.

Hunters:  The Hunter's main role in the tribe is to go out and hunt.  Most of their prey consist of Squirds, with the occasional speedy Earm Monkey.  Large game hunting is rare, since it is difficult to get them up to the nests that they live in.  If there is a conflict between tribes that cannot be settled with talk, it is the Hunters that will fight for their tribe.  This role is open to males and females, though it is a mostly male-dominated profession.

For creatures in this world, see this post:

Creature Designs

These are original creature designs all meant for the same world.  The two on the left are photo manipulations with a paint-over.  The two on the right were drawn from scratch with reference nearby.

*Top Left:  The Squird
The squird is an herbivore.  It can fly for short distances and has a large population, thus making it ideal for hunting.  The native humanoids like to use their feathers to decorate their outfits and weapons.

*Bottom Left:  The Hommaker Bird
This bird is rare.  It's main diet consists of foliage in the top canopy and it will build nests out of sticks and mud-clay high up in the trees, away from the vicious predators on the ground.  The natives will build tribes in these abandoned nests.  The leader of a tribe is the only one allowed to wear the feathers of the Hommaker bird whose nest they are living in, though other members of the tribe will often dye the fabric of their clothes to match the colors of their Hommaker bird.  Thus it is possible to identify which tribe a native is from depending on the color of their clothes.

*Top Right:  The Fish-Egg Eater
This amphibian is small, and could easily fit in the palm of your hand.  It's main diet consists of fish eggs, hence the name. The fish in this world are highly poisonous when mature, although their eggs only contain minute levels.  The fish-egg eater can absorb the toxins in the eggs it eats and then secrete it through it's skin as a contact poison, making touching them highly dangerous.  The natives revere them as sacred creatures.

*Bottom Right:  The Earm Monkey
Earm monkeys dwell in the treetops and live in large family groups.  They mostly feed on berries and small insects.  They will normally move hand over hand through the canopy.  However, if being chased or in a need to move fast, they will also use their tails.  This appears as if they are somersaulting through the canopy and is illustrated above.

For more information on the natives of this world, see this post: